Wall braced deck

What do you think? Note the deflection in the right side support and the structure sagging and pulling away from the wall. It’s new. (Supposedly got a code inspection.) Should there at least be a sign saying, “No fat chicks”?

092910 014.JPG

I see no cantilever in that picture Joe…

Wrong terminology. Changed it. Thanks.

I would not call that cantilevered. Or at least not a proper one.

Cantilevered would be supported back inside the house via beams protruding out. Any angles would be for stability only and not vertical loading.

The angled supports are probably holding up half of that deck.
Very scary. Recommend not using until repairs are made.

New deck?
How old is the house?

that one looks like it is coming down for sure…

Holy crap Batman… that is an accident waiting to happen. :roll::shock:

Yup!!! Repairs would be…

Tear it down and re-build new balcony on appropriate number of properly founded 6"x6" wood support posts or …with temporary support may be able to insert the proper posts under it.

To get that arrangement through codes here would need an engineer’s stamp and drawing. If a code inspector OK’ed it, give him a call and test his knowledge!!

I currently have 3 calls in to a municipal inspection supervisor on a HP/AC duct installation in a $600,000 new home I inspected 4 weeks ago. On both the supply and return ducts, the tin banger built/fit the duct around bearing wall studs rather than getting a carpenter to do a proper framing job!!! Yup!!! The wood studs extend up and through the interior of the ducts- 2 on the supply, 1 on the return. He’s not returning my calls in a timely manner…wonder why??

Old home, completely remodeled 2 years ago. 2 year old deck.