Wall Framing Type

Does anyone know what the nomenclature is for this type of wall construction? It’s in a small commercial firewall, over 100 years old. The horizontal wood plate is about 8 feet off the floor.

I seem to recall seeing a similar question here some years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what it was called and my Google prowess has let us down tonight.

reminds me of timber frame infill

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Looks like plaster over wood framing.

That’'s what I was looking for!

I think I found it! It’s called brick nogging. Between the 1750’s and about 1900, builders used brick and mortar to fill the framing cavities. They did it mostly for thermal mass and insulation benefits. There is a downside, however. Eventually, the wood plate dries out and compresses enough from the weight of the brick that it creates a stress crack in the plaster finish. In this case (a small bar and tavern) it suggests that the building is older than the county records document it to be.


That is correct and the give away is the fact that the plaster does not have any wood lath behind it.