Wall of transformers

Yeah, there’s at least one HI running around that doesn’t understand either (me) :slight_smile:


I thought it was interesting that Oregon only requires you to report lighting panels with solenoid type relays. Although a mid twentieth century technology, they are still widely used in commercial applications today. By the 1990’s, solid state relays were being used in residential lighting controllers. You still can’t buy parts at Home Depot and it takes a special skill set for electricians to service them. And just as antiquated since “smart” switches and light bulbs have saturated the market.

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Our SOPs are generally based off of ASHI but haven’t always been. When they were first developed back in the 1990s there were a few goofy things in there and some still remain.

Yes, I think the way they wrote it is ironic; DON’T LOOK! But if see something, say something.

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