Walmart construction put cracks in our homes

Causative factors, foundation movement, foundation cracks
…may result from/include,
1.compression of a soft layer in the ground as a result of the applied or perimeter loads
2.shrinkage and swelling of clays…
3.soil softening
4.compression of filled ground
5.frost heave
6.variations in groundwater level
8.nearby construction or excavation :mrgreen:
9.chemical attack on foundations
10.collapse of mine workings…
11.vibration :mrgreen:

Here, basement wall bowed in, multiple cracks, deteriorating blocks,leaks due to clay and underground TREE ROOTS. Some body tried patching,caulking the deteriorating blocks and cracks on the inside #-o

And if a basement is FINISHED then one won’t see what’s REALLY going-on wiff 1+ basement wall.

OR, if you hired an interior system company who covered part of all of the basement wall then your not going to see what may be happening to your foundation wall, eh. Got milk? :-k

What’s New?..:lol:

Pathetic…](*,) :shock:

Seen that been there and even had a client claim for damages to one home last year. She was very happy and I inspected her next home after the settlement against MTO.

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Sump pump discharge, lololol

Kinda like pissing in a dark suite…:mrgreen: