Walmart sees increase in affluent shoppers and more use of credit cards over debit cards. You know what that means


Biden needs to stop being in denial. We need to immediately tax people less and decrease their cost of government, simultaneously. Do that by decreasing the number of IRS agents while at the same time, reducing government spending.


Wo do you identify with most, Wahlberg or the bear?


Taxation is theft.


Pretty sure “Ted” had has a better grasp on life than the mast majority. Mark has the best best responses to it…

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You’re making way too much sense Nick.

Just found another recent stat: Generic products are outselling more expensive brand names.

One of my employees is Walmart’s youngest store manager. He got his own store at age 21. The next youngest to get a store is Walmart’s current CEO.

Everything you want to know about where the economy is going is hidden in their periodic reports.