Wanna be a HI...am I nuts?

I submitted by application for membership in NACHI tonight. I have been reading posts on this board for several months now and although I had initially planned on doing this part time initially, things changed when I learned that the company for which I have worked for 24 years announced they were shutting down our plant. My last day is tomorrow, but thankfully I will have a large severance to help out for next 6 months.

I have taken all the state required courses, and test (National Home Inspector Examination), WDI course and tests at Purdue Univ.
Just waiting for my Licenses. Going to Radalink class in June.

I know it won’t be easy, but am confident that we will make this thing work with all of the support that is out there…just wanted to thank you all for the knowledge that is generously post on this board.

I will post back in a few months with update.

Thanks - Don Taylor

Welcome, Don. You are correct, this board and the members of NACHI are a very helpful bunch. Good luck building your business.

Welcome Don and Good Luck!

You are probably NUTS, Welcome aboard.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree with Brian about the NUTS part but what the heck, This has been the most fun I’ve had with my pants on:twisted: :mrgreen: Margaritas for everyone!!!


And for those of you who might be offended by the “pants down” remark,
I was referring to skinny dipping in the river on a hot summer day:mrgreen:

What were you thinking?

Thanks, Dale. I was offended and I thank you for clarifying.

if you are nuts, it sure helps!


Thanks for the warm and nutty welcome…Hey, isn’t tomorrow cinco demia? 1/2 price Margaritas for everyone (Dale is buying!).

Thanks - DoN

Thank Goodness! I was wondering how I was gonna get my margaritas!

AND I’m nuts!

(I was wondering how I ended up here. I thought it was just a few wrong left turns. :wink: )


had to write another post…

creepy 666 post above…

Just a number WF…

And Dale, please don’t post the word pants down in the same thread that is titled nuts.

Yeah, I know Tony… But I figured you of all people would get the joke. :smiley:

:wink: I was right eh?


We are all nuts.

Yeah Cinco de mayo in New Mexico…Talk about NUTS… I will be staying home tonight thank you very much for the reminder:shock:

Don, good luck with the business.
I waited 59.5 years to get into this business. (I’m a part -timer, still working a full time job). I just needed that much time to be brave enough to do it.
I can tell you, it has been fun, challenging and educational. The training I received gave me the biggest boost. Jim…