Want a custom designed and printed inspection checklist?

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I met with NACHI member Michael Zwerin at http://www.nachi.org/centralfloridachapter.htm last week. He owns a printing/binding company and created his own part narrative, part checklist home inspection report. NCR, bound, stiff jacket. Looked great. He made it for his own inspection company but I encouraged him to offer it to other NACHI members for sale. He can customize it for you. Interested parties should contact Michael at (561) 375-6750 or home_inspections@bellsouth.net

Let's keep the $ in the family if possible.


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That’s close Nick, icon_cool.gif my wife’s family owns the print shop in Montreal. So, we got an outrageous deal… paid the shipping to Florida.

If anyone is interested I can send some pix of the cover, the tab dividers (printed on both sides), and a page of the report.

The tabs are a set of 15 incl. 2 blanks. The cover is for your art. The report is 2 (or 3) part NCR or an excel format doc. For the print shop to do the work (very labor intensive), they'll need a reasonably large minimum per order like maybe 50 sets of the 15 tabs. No real idea on what the prices will be, but I know the blanks alone are less than 1/2 of the printing price.

Lemme know if you want to purchase a set of this stuff. Better to email to: admin@mtcHomeInspections.com

My clients are WOW'ed by the whole package... Nice spiffy report.