Want a laugh??

If ya’ll want a real laugh check out this site www.bztoons.com (sample below). I could not stop laughing!!! I communicated with the author, Brian Zaikowski, and he does offer custom illustration work (m.misterguy@comcast.net). Anyone who can do this is no doubt good and funny!!



You’re easily amused aren’t you Manny…just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: . I got a chuckle out of this one:

Manny, I love dry humor. These are right up my alley:D


Sometimes it does not take much to get me laughing, especially on a bad day! I like that one too!


My humor is very dry at times! :D:D I really had to refrain from posting a few that literally had me ROTFLMAO as this is an open forum. ;-):wink: