Want a winter job in Florida?

Every year at this time, I get so damned swamped I turn a ton of work away. The summer then slows down a bit and keeps us humping but not like winter. I then started to think, I wonder if there is an experienced inspector up in the great white who is so slow in the winter that he might think of coming down and doing some inspections.

I can discuss with the applicant their likes and dislikes and ability and limits. I am a pretty flexible guy.

Just throwing it out for next year. Who knows maybe this is right up someones alley…just Private message me here.

Cool! Too bad I stay busy year round.:frowning:

James I could have a guy with your mold knowledge busy as you would want to be.

I did get one reply so far, so thats good. I mean its about a 10 months away. But I want to get the right person and maybe it can be a yearly deal.

does it come with lodging? :slight_smile:

Pup tent, garden hose, and a bucket! :wink:

just fly me In for a week of 2 a days any time Jan- February. I like scuba diving, Steak, and Lobster.

Do you have a boat, or do I have to bring mine?:mrgreen: