Want to become a building inspector.

Good morning all,

I’ll give a short bio and personality of myself. If someone cares enough to the the time and respond, I’ll be very grateful.

I’m 37 years old, my background is in retail management. 15 years at Sports Authority, they went out of business and I’m starting over at lowes.
I have an associates degree, but no other forms of higher learning, licenses, or certifications.
I excel in customer service, communicating, and being personable.

I want a better opportunity for myself.

I had a wind litigation done recently on my roof, and I became interested in this as a career. (Building inspector)

What I really want to know is a route to take… ideally I’d like to work with someone or a company opposed to being independent.

anyway, I’d really like to know what you guys would do if you were starting from scratch.

Join this association and start working your way through the free training available to all members. That will give you a good start, but, don’t think you are going to get rich any time soon. Also, depending where you are located a state licence may be required.

hope this helps


Thanks Doug.
My intentions are simply a livable wage. Thanks,. From the looks of it, I simply need training, cert and someone to take a chance.

Follow Doug’s advice. Take every course here, build relationships with agents and potential clients, and don’t be afraid of risk. Fear of risk makes intelligent people fail

The greater the risk, the greater the reward!

Jeff just jump in if you are young enough to take a risk.I decided to go all in and am in total control of my income at this point.Keep in mind it takes a few years to really get going and at least several years to feel confidant in all situations .I still run into stuff I am unsure of .Just did a 16 unit with 6 store fronts today and need to research a couple items …12 years and still learning .