Want to buy Bio Pump plus

Does anyone know or have a good Zefon bio pump plus to sell. I would like to upgrade…

Have you seen the Buck Bio pump? It has a calibration anonometer that has to be calibrated yearly for better credentials and better quality assurance. I have 3 Zefrons and moved to Buck systems. I like them better and they last longer.

I wish I could find a pump like the Buck with a rotameter built already in the unit and will allow a field rotameter be attached to the unit, so than if both gauges matches then there is no dispute of their calibration. I could see a gauge being knocked out of calibration but not both at the same time.

I use Buck BioAire pumps now and keep my old Zefon Z-Lite as a backup. I absolutely love those little battery operated fan pumps. Calibrate your flow rate at the beginning of sampling and verify at the end and you can carry it around from sample location to location for hours. I am going to buy about 3 more of them to speed large sampling jobs up a little.

Looked at the Zefon BioPump and I didn’t like it all that much compared to the Buck. If you are looking to go with a battery operated fan pump, the Buck is definitely the way to go.