Want to fly a Drone? 2-day Special UAV Pilot Training

[FONT=Verdana]If you use a Drone for Building Inspections, you are a UAV commercial pilot. You must send a SFOC to Transport Canada – Fines of $5,000?? if you don’t.

What you will learn:

  • How UAV’s fly and their control systems

  • How to maintain and operate a UAV safely

  • Pilot operations & hands-on UAV flight instruction (We supply the Drones!)

  • How to comply with current Transport Canada regulations.
    What you will get:

  • Your Restricted Radio Licence

  • Practical training on regulatory compliance & SFOC requirements

  • Operating a UAV in a safe and reliable manner in Canadian airspace

  • Certificate of completion
    What topics you will cover:

  • Theory of flight

  • Transport Canada requirements (includes assistance with procedures & application process for SFOC)

  • Air law, Navigation, Job planning

  • SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate)

  • Human Factors, Meteorology, Aeronautics
    **Where: at the Waterloo Airport **

When: the date below if we have enough interest:

  • Monday January 30 & Tuesday January 31, 8am-5pm

Cost is $549 plus HST

If interested, click here to advise you are interested](http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Mgvs9mjLzrIQbK1X-WGsdv8NFKgO2MDEMAmjcWTTN0gQDXuvtPkbkp7h7kl1QYks68i9zqmIiQC17-QP5gyJ7gq1y5MuOMWtY333UyKApCez6kU5XrvrZ6T33vSwRG19KH7vAKng9MgGZeSTscOwEKXZIlV_UpPgm8JorLd3ztL4kucuVldNIK-f_xZDweaJxhNE5UlGbqRcrKvvYnoOyQ==&c=C0YZvhwWQBKfQOdqL8SMMRarF6acKauf2UIdZM4O1PDpBZVcEaRq8w==&ch=nELTLwxdx715RRyiJpfjwxt1SKwsIWPNrmTynEJs6QoeAxCGC-fQEA==). ASAP don’t wait

**We will send you the forms to fill out once we have at least 9 people. **

Did you know HUB insurance already includes Drone coverage if you comply with Transport Canada requirements!!!

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Allan Spisak
ACISS Home & Commercial Inspections
Chair - PHPIC
The Professional Home & Property Inspectors or Canada


Drones will be supplied by the trainers and we will be practicing inside a very large hanger. We can get the price down if we get a good number of inspectors committed to attending.


Deadline to apply is January 12/17.
First come basis as there is a class size limit.
all the best

We only have about 8 spaces left.
This is a special course focused on building inspections and it will teach you what you need to know to use drones in your day to day business.
Learn now so you are prepared to be better than other inspectors when clients are looking for services this will be another feather in your qualifications.


PS - I get nothing from this other than helping inspectors to better themselves. The more participation the better price we all receive.

Down to only a few spots if you are interested send me an email.

The price is only $350 plus HST


Worthwhile course if you are thinking about drones. The guys from Waterloo spoke at our AGM last spring…very informative!

Thanks for the invite Allan!

Only 2 spots left
Only one week left
For the 2 day training and the cost is only $350 plus tax. Jan 30&31 No drones needed for this training. They are supplied.
If you miss this, you will have to do a 3 day course at $549 plus tax.

New regulations are in effect http://www.ontarioachi.ca/new-drone-regulations-effect-canada/

To register Contact:
Sarah Spry
Accountant & Office Manager
Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre
P: (519) 648-2213 x 106
F: (519) 648-3102

Last chance.

Thanks for doing this Allan .
Please if you get time post a report on how it went …

“(PS - I get nothing from this other than helping inspectors to better themselves. The more participation the better price we all receive.)”

It things like this that help many in our industry .

Wow what an interesting course, we had 10 inspectors and 5 realtors. Look out if you are not trained because not following protocol and getting a single complaint can result in some big fines. We had to get tested and pass our radio licence too.
Transport Canada just wants to make sure people and aircraft are both safe when drones are being used, but unless you take the course you have no idea about airports, restricted air space, etc.
Some felt it was extreme in terms of paperwork and documentation and research but filing our flight plans and demonstrating you can perform your functions safely will allow you to apply for a full year of UAV operation with a minimum of paperwork as long as you follow the rules.

Look for our newsletter for pictures and videos.

Allan, I heard that this course was great, thanks for setting it up.

It’s great to see Inspectors are taking steps to comply with regulations that really do look after the safety of the public. Even a 1Kg drone can do an awful lot of damage.

As a pilot I know first hand how scary it can be to have a near miss with something even that small.

In another time & world, I remember Allan as being a very ressourceful person! He shows it again! Tell me Allan: what can an ex-private pilot with over 1,000 hrs. of flying time gain from this course?


We actually had a pilot in the class. The most important point is the SFOC Special Flight-plan Operating Certificate process so that after filing your flight plan a few times and successfully operating your UAV without any problems you can apply for a SFOC for a year in a general geographic area. that means use your Drone for any inspection at anytime.
Second most important is the process to NOTAM, Notice to Airmen, to advise officials when you will be operating the Drone within 5 miles of an airport or 3 miles of a Heliport.
Finally in order to do all of this you need to have passed the Radio Licence exam and the Ground School Course. That demonstrates to Transport Canada that you are properly educated. You then know what documents you must have in your possession if you are ever questioned about your operating a drone, you have a radio, a fire extinguisher, you are properly insured and you have advised any property owner within 100 feet of your operation that you are flying your UAV.
So I would have to say that there is a lot to know, even for a pilot.

Cheers - Allan

Thanks for the info Allan

NOTAMS/CADORS/Radio License and Ground School are all things we know about as pilots.

As for the SFOC all you need can be obtained from Transport-Canada here:


What you get from DRONE training you can’t get from being a pilot is a rider on your E&O insurance to cover your operations.