Wanted Home Inspectors. Washington

Hello all,
3 Tree Home Inspection (Washington) is looking for InterNACHI inspectors! We operate in all of Washington we have inspectors already in the Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Spokane areas and are looking for multiple Licensed inspectors (spi.whi). We are looking for inspectors that are experienced, self motivated, personable, and flexible. Home Gauge experience preferred.
Qualified candidate for this position should have:
 Have completed an approved Home inspector certification course.
 Passed the Home Inspector Exam for Washington.
 Have computer skills.
 Have a clean driving record & valid drivers license.
 Must have reliable transportation and be willing to travel. (we pay mileage)
 Be able to walk on roofs and crawl in crawlspaces.
 Be able to carry equipment such as ladders.
 Possess excellent people skills.

Please send current resume and a copy of your Home Inspector exam to: Chris@3treehomeinspection.com

Glad I am retiring with the lowballers moving in. A single inspector at those prices is bad enough but to then only get a portion of an already low fee is even worse. Those fees are from 15-20 years ago. :roll:

You’re just jealous because they are thermal imaging experts AND Washington’s best. . :stuck_out_tongue:
Also the last name is similar (CZYK) - is this really you? :mrgreen:

Chris you may want to check your pricing fees on the right for condos.

Thanks Marc, it should say house’s. Stephen my average inspection is around 425.00. For 2000 sq ft. House. But thanks for your input.

Welcome Christopher.
If ya get the time, please fill out your profile info/location.
It will be useful for others to know your location in case you have questions.

I guess things are different in South Florida…
My last inspection was 1441 sq ft but was built in 1959.
The fee was 515.00. No basements but plenty of HOT attics.

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