Wanted: Nachi inspector excellent PR Opportunity...

The foundation is looking for a volunteer west central area of Minnesota for a Great opportunity to help us and to gain an opportunity for some excellent PR.

The Habitat for Humanity contacted us today, they’re in dire need of our visual fire alarms for a project that they have in progress. Their normal supllier groups are no longer furnishing alarms for them. Our contact had put out a desperate plea for help. Fortunately, a hearing impaired teacher directed her to us. The story is that the project they’re currently involved with is for a family that has THREE hearing impaired children.

We have some of the family information and the Foundation will be furnishing Habitat and the family with the alarms they require. Since our stock of the portable units are almost depleted, we will be ordering for them the hardwired types. They were willing to take our standard plug-in units and have their contractors modify them, but we advised them that if they did that, they would void all lables, including U/L.

The upside is that they won’t be needing the systems for about another three weeks.

Now, what about the inspector opportunity? Well, we would like someone in the near area, willing to take the time, to meet with the family, shake hands and hugs a few kids and be the Foundations and NACHI’s representitive. Arrangements will be made with local media outlets and coverage will be set up. Also in the Habitat Newsletter the inspector along with the Foundation and NACHI will be recognized. This coverage more than likely will be at the time of dedication or transfer of the house to the new owners.

This is a chance for a local inspector to get a little extra press time for the effort. It’s also a great opportunity for the Foundation and NACHI to get their names out. Further we will put the article in the Foundation’s Newsletter and get it on the IQ. and here.

If anyone is up to this daunting and difficult task of getting their PR up, email me at totoville@msn.com reference your letter with I VOLUNTEER.

Also for eveyone else, not in the area, this will not be the last of these types of requests. We are working a program to have this type of event set up around the country, with other agencies and groups. Watch for the announcement when details are finalized.

Paul Sabados
President, the Foundation for Safer Housing