Wanted - Old FPE, Zinsco & Others

Hey Guys,

As you know we are gearing up for a video series next year for HI’s and well…we have alot of stuff but could always use more…SOOOOO

If you have any old equipment and thinking of TOSSING it, well…send it to me at my address below…Let me know the shipping costs and I will take care of any shipping fee’s needed personally.

ESS- Electrical Service Specialists
1621 N. Liberty Street
Harrisonburg,VA 22802
Attn: The Electrical Guru

Again…only if you are done with it or are planning on tossing it…we would LOVE to use it in our videos…you will even get CREDIT on the video for the donation…

You can have my whole panel! Just have to help me upgrade to Square-D!:stuck_out_tongue: Oh yeah, it’s a 4 day drive to my place…

This may be going soon if the bids come in right

Would you want her???

lol…my budget is ZERO for these additional items…only want product a person does not intend to keep. We have some stuff already so I am just looking to add additional items that may assist in the video.

Barry…would simply LOVE it if by chance it gets ripped out.

She’s got your name all over her, my wife just approved the work order for a project she’s running and the sparky said he’d start in 2-4 weeks. This all has to be approved by Audubon National, but it’s in the works.