Wants to run power in a hose to a boat dock!

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icon_rolleyes.gif I already added my comments and thought that others would find this discussion interesting.

My home has no outdoor power outlets at this time.

I want to run underground electricity to my boat dock for lighting and marine battery charging.

Is this something a novice (with some help!) can do? I do not want to run extension cords to the dock.

I want light switches. I already have an underground 2 inch plastic hose running from my house to the lake. I would like to run the power line inside PVC pipe through this hose.

I also want to run a separate PVC pipe through the same hose for water. It is roughly 100 feet from my house to the dock. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have searched for hours on the internet and found little useful information.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant


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I bet he wishes he had used 2" RNMC instead of “hose” before Joe gets done with him. icon_wink.gif

I'm sure we will dissagree on this, we did a decade ago. I see the hose as being used as a sleeve so I don't see a problem with using RNMC in it.
FPL pushes their RNMC service laterals under driveways in white PVC sleeves all the time around here. The builders put them in when they do the driveway before FPL shows up.
How he will actually accomplish it is an open question. I hope he pulled that hose straight and tight!

Liquidtight flexible non metalic night be a better choice.

Pulling 100' of THHN isn't going to be all that easy once he gets a couple 90s in it. I put boxes at both ends of my 65' dock raceway with just 1 bend and it took lots of tugging and yellow77 to get the wire in.

I am troubled with pulling a water line in the same sleeve although these are "wet location" wiring methods and that raceway may actually end up under water if he is putting in a boat lift.
We also have burial depth to deal with and GFCI protection.
He should become familiar with art 555 before he starts.