Wards Signature Furnace

Does anyone know how to get the age of the Wards Signature Furnace? ](,) Its not in my Carson Dunlop and I can’t find info on line. ](,)
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

They last manufactured stuff in 1982, so anything you have is 1982 or older.

\:D/ Thanks Russel, I appreciate the help.:smiley:

Kevin this is the information I have on Wards; I hope this will help
Ward **Serial Number format: KP30102F52756585
(This serial number was transcribed from an actual furnace during a home inspection).

Using the four digits located after the last letter in the serial number (usually an “F” or “M” located in the center or 8th digit of the serial number) KP30102F52756585 you will find the week and year of manufacture. The first two digits are the week of manufacture and the last two digits are the year. This unit was manufactured in the 52nd week of 1975.

Week of manufacture: KP30102F52756585
Year of manufacture: KP30102F52756585**

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