Warm spot in garage floor?

Don’t you have somewhere else to go.

You are not wanted here (by all means).

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i would think that any major variation in the soil (or lack of) would cause slight fluctuations in the surface heat. but the 12* he mentions??? (we need keyboards with an actual “degree symbol” on it). what about a burried stump decomposing? seen that cause voids, and “pot holes” in a slab once. just another guess. but i hope it’s Jimmy.

° ° ° ° °

Use either ALT + 248 or ALT + 0248.
Use the keypad numbers, not the keyboard numbers.

øø°°° that’s cool! How in the hell do you know that Russel?

In a previous profession, I owned several word processing companies in Houston and Bryan/College Station. I knew all the keyboard shortcuts for those problematic Spanish and French characters, as well as various symbols. If you wanted to, you could type the letter of the alphabet using just the ALT key and the keypad numbers.

See what you get if you use the ALT key and these numbers:

86 - 69 - 82 - 89
71 - 79 - 79 - 68

Here are some others that are useful. If the three-digit number doesn’t work, add a 0 in front of it. Remember to use the keypad numbers, not the keyboard numbers. In some cases, you might have to turn the number lock on.

171 or 0189 - ½
172 or 0188 - ¼
0190 - ¾
0169 - ©
0174 - ®
0177 - ±
130 or 0233 - é
0231 - ç
0241 - ñ
0246 - ö
0247 - ÷

To ascertain if there is a void take a length of chain and drop it on the floor. There will be a noticeable change in the sound when the chain is dropped on concrete with a void underneath.

Mystery solved! The source of the heat IS the water heater. My original statement that it was not the water heater - was incorrect. I had assumed (we all know the hazards of assuming) that closing the gate valve on the water heater inlet pipe would prevent any hot water from leaving the tank. It turns out that the gate valve was so corroded inside, that chunks of the gate were gone. Water was still able to flow through the heater even though the valve was supposedly closed. I replaced the damaged valve with a new ball valve. Then, before going to bed, I closed the valve and switched off the circuit breaker. The water heater is electric. The hot spot temperature fell by 4 degrees overnight.

I called a leak detection service. They found a “small leak” at the base of a wall behind the heater. It will be repaired on Monday.

Thanks to everyone who provided a reply (serious or otherwise).

Greg Sullivan / Canyon Lake, CA

Damaged valve.JPG

Thanks for letting us know what you found Greg…all of us will sleep much better now :wink:

Seriously though…we should all get in the habit of following up our OWN posts to the bitter end and some sort of conclusion…as this helps all that come after us. Especially the MSN bots and spiders…

Thanks :wink:


David Valley may not be too far off… Possibly you have a uranium (or other radioactive material) deposite under the slab. Have a Radon test conducted as the gas can migrate through concrete. Gods Speed and good luck.


probably a piece of insulation left in the slab when poured and retains heat in that area?

I wouldnt dig before safe dig called maybe an old line

Gateway to HELL???

It’s the garage floor version of Pandora’s box. If you jackhammer, have on hand a priest, medicine man, houngan, warlock and a fast horse saddled and ready to ride. -Kent

I understand when meat decays it generates heat. Do you really want to know what is down there ? I wonder?
Roy Sr

This Mystery is killing me, is anyone going to find out.???


my money’s still on it being Jimmy Hoffa. (keep in mind i’m broke):mrgreen:

A FLIR image of the garage floor :smiley:

Body outline.jpg

SEE, SEE. they broke his knee cap. that prooves it. it’s Jimmy. dig him up and check his wallet.:cool: :wink: