Warm weather infrared inspections

Good article. Note the references to ASTM and RESNET.


I would love to read this one, looks like I have to have an account… : (

They do have some good articles but are a bit expensive. I had a subscription for 1 year but didn’t renew recently.

Sorry about that. I tried to figure a way to post it and can’t.


Since I live and work in south Texas warm weather work is all I do!  IR pictures are terrific when taken from the inside of an air conditioned house with the OAT at 100 degrees!

Hi Robert, up here in the north we don’t have much A/C so in the warmer months we have to deal with low delta Ts quite often. Blower door and timing is very helpful.

I wish I could link the article because they point to some very good references to ASTM and RESNET that would be good for someone who is just getting started and looking for training.