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In line with ORS 479.710, which states, ?Electrical installations must meet
minimum safety standards. (1) Except as provided in ORS 479.540, no person shall make, supervise or direct the making of an electrical installation which does not meet minimum safety standards.? As stated by John Powell, Chief Electrical Inspector for the State of Oregon, at the last industry meeting held September 14, 2004, unsafe installations would include connecting all breakers to the circuit conductors without a device on the end of the circuit. Any circuit that is energized or could be energized by turning on switches or breakers are considered unsafe and are subject to $1000 fine and suspension of license to the company/installer/inspector. At this time, the City of Bend will approve with exception any such installations. The responsibility of making any installation safe is up to you. But as of October 1, 2004, such types of installations will be denied.

Thank you, Lukas L. Koomen, Chief Electrical Inspector

? Conduit straps not approved to support SE cable.
? Two gang nail on boxes not approved for range cable.
? Approved fittings required for 8/3, 6/3 cables for panel and boxes.

City of Bend
Community Development Department
Building Division
Bend, OR 97701

Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant


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Does that then mean that even if you have a working LOTO system in place that you still can get nailed with a fine if you remove a device to replace it?

OR does ORS 479.540 cover that.