Warning! Do Not Click This Link If You Have Disdain For Innovative Industry Vendors!


Pretty cool. Nice price.

I am with you, Nick. This thing is cool and I am going to purchase one. Will be great in crawlspaces, too…one might see the snake before it sees AND bites you.:roll:


I have two of these Inspection mirrors, one with a light and one without. They are round, curved automotive rear view mirrors attached to paint roller handles. The adjustment of the mirror is limited because of the way the mirror is attached, and the angle or bend in the handle is not adjustable without bending it all the time. Unless you have very good eyes you cannot see very much on the curved mirror surface if you have extended it very far, and the light doesn’t illuminate a very large area, its kind of tricky to get the mirror turned to where you can see anything other than the light itself, moving the mirror farther away from what you are looking to increse the illuminated area further reduces the size of the reflection, they work okay in well lit areas, like the one shown on the website, but in a dark crawl space or attic they have limited use, I have better luck with the unlighted one, I use my flashlight to “bounce” the light off the mirror to illuminate the area I’m looking at. I’m going to switch to a “Flat” mirror and see if it works any better, if it doesn’t both will be put into my “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time” Tool Box.

I bought mine on E-Bay some time ago for $10 bucks or so each, I see one is still there.