WARNING-Flaw discovered in Adobe reader

Flaw discovered in Adobe Reader](http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D8ME8CR00.htm)
Researchers say that hackers could take over your computer via Adobe Reader. Clicking on a PDF link on any Web site could launch an attack. The flaw affects IE 6 and Firefox. Until this is fixed, don’t open PDFs in your Web browser, even from trusted sites.

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Gotta be careful out there…

Thanks for the info.

I’ve never used Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Thanks for the info Michael.

Russel, what browser and op system do you use?

Are you an Apple geek? :wink:


Been a Microsft geek since Day One (DOS 1), as well as Day One with AOL. I tried to go with Apple, having bought one of the (if not the) first Apple Lisa back in 1978. Camped out in front of the store that night. First in line. Skipped work. Thought I was back in all those lines at Texas A&M. Have only camped out for material goods once since then, and that was for a Star Trek movie. If I camp out now, I’m camping out with Mother and Father Nature and not to get an XBox, Playstation 3, or any other type of material goods. Life is better than that.

Since I’ve always been with AOL, I’ve always deleted IE, Netscape, and others off of my main computers but left them on non-network laptops for experimental purposes. Never liked them. Never used Outlook either, and we all know the various virus problems associated with that program.

More info…



Adobe urges users to upgrade to Version 8



I use InspectVue. It uses Adobe to print their reports. I guess I will add a link to the new version on my webpage so that my clients can download the new version…any thoughts?


I installed Adobe Reader 8, as suggested. I use Inspectvue and when I tried to upload a report, I was not able to becaue it appears that Inspectvue did not recognize Version 8…

I did a system restore to get the older version of Adobe back, and that led to all kinds of problems. Long story short, my laptop is now in the shop…

Just a heads up to those using Inspectvue…

Mike P.

Sorry to hear that. Sounds like Adobe 8 may not be ready for prime time.
I hope you contacted inpectvue for support as well. I downloaded but have not installed it yet. It may be a good idea to wait and see how this plays out. In the mean time be careful out there.

I installed both Acrobat Pro 8 and Reader 8. On one of my computers, Acrobat Pro 8 installed a new network driver for my main printer, which means that the main printer now doesn’t work from the remote computer. Interestingly, the new network driver that Acrobat Pro 8 installed doesn’t work either.

Acrobat Pro 8 does, however, create much, much smaller files. I have a 1 MB test file. Acrobat 5 made it a 636 KB file. I skipped version 6. Acrobat 7 made it a 235 KB file, and Acrobat 8 made it a 164 KB file. I like 8 just because of that.