Warning: Omega Property Services

Beware: Of doing business with this company. I did a couple of inspections for them, before I read the past posts about them. I feel like a fool for putting out my own money, time and effort to get the jobs done for them, and now they tell me they are not going to pay. I am holding my breath for a call back from a higher up, James Alexander. If they contact you, do yourself a favor and tell them NO THANKS.

Morgan Wood
Home Inspections of Louisiana, LLC

Morgan what is their reason for not paying you? Thanks for the heads up.

Here is the email to me.

First I really appreciate you helping us out!!!
The following property needs a initial inspection completed and turned in on 11/23/2007. The address is case #XXXX-XXXXXX, XXX Minden St. Kenner, LA 70062 and pays $80. The initial inspections requires changes all knob locks & deadbolts on the property. So please be sure to take a pipe wrench or something that you can use to strip the existing knob off so you can access the property to change the locks. You or I can contact a locksmith to make you a key. The key code that should be use for all the HUD properties is on a Kwickset blank key code 13XXX. Then you’ll proceed to your locate lowes or hardware store and purchase two or three Kwickset locksets and deadbolts. Don’t forget they would need to be rekey for the key from the locksmith. Please make sure the lockset were rekeyed correctly and also when they print the receipt its dark enough so when faxed its readable so we can reimbursed for the keys and locks. Attached is the notice sign that should be posted INSIDE THE FRONT WINDOW and a sign in sheet that should be left at the property on the kitchen counter for other vendors to sign in. You’ll sign in as representing OPS. Also there is a initial report attached that also needs to be filled out completely. Please don’t forget the meter # and the sq. ft. of debris on the exterior and interior page. Initial inspection photos include:

-Front & rear elevation-please be sure your car and no one are any of the photos
-photos of the address to conform correct property
-photo of all meters and panel box
-water heat, ac unit, heating unit
-all interior rooms, bathroom and kitchen(with cabinets open).
-photos of any damages noted on report & Debris.
-before and after photos of the locks being change
-after photos of the sign in sheet once signed
-need photo of the key that you’re using(Close UP)

All jobs are not considered to be completed until we receive all required photos and paper work. All photos should be sent to images@opsinspections.com. If you get to property and someone is occupying it then we wouldn’t complete the inspection and leave the CFKC letter that’s attached as well and get a photo. If there is more than $300 of personal items we would not change the locks and just complete the inspection and take the photos. Also if the property is a mobile home we would not change the locks until we receive the vin # to double check that it’s the correct home. Due to HUD’s method of invoicing checks are sent out monthly. Please keep in mind we basically do all the services on these properties to get them back on the market like cleanouts, small repairs, winterizations, routine inspections, lawn services, and ect…If you like we can also contact you to complete this jobs as well in your area if your interested.

I did all of this for an agreed $100 instead of $80. I went to Lowe’s and got the locks and finally found a locksmith who would key the locks and deadbolts for me. I watched two of the guys work on the locks and set the machine up and key each lock. One guy was calling out the combination while the other set the machine up to grind the keys. They did all of this and I had to pay for it. I then went to the forclosed house, which was falling apart and mold ridden. I filled out all six pages of their inspection report and took all the pictures needed. I then changed the locks, took pictures of the locks/keys and left.
I get a call a couple of days later from Danielle, with Omega and she says that there is someone at the house and there key is not working to get in. I said I had the correct keys made with the code you gave me. I was about 20 minutes away and offered to go by the house and give the agent the key. She told me not to do that, but to take a picture of the key I had made and send it to her. She would also send me a picture of what the key was supposed to look like. I go home and send her a picture of the key and look at her picture. The key looks similar to me. I am not a locksmith and really can’t do much with a picture. I emailed her back and asked if the key was correct and got no response back.
A few days later I get call from Amanda with Omega. She asked if I could do another inspection for them. I explained to her the key issue with the first inspection and she hadn’t heard any problems. Since I was now familiar with what to do I figured the second inspection would go smoother so I agreed to do it. The second house was in a bad neighborhood that had roof leaks and looked like it had been abandoned for years and was a health hazard. I did the inspection, downloaded all the pictures and scanned all the paperwork and emailed it to Amanda.
Now yesterday I get a call from Danielle, with Omega and she said there was a problem. She said the keys were incorrect and that I had to go back out to the houses and remove the locks and bring them back to the locksmith and get them keyed to the same code I had already had them keyed to??? She said I should have known it was keyed wrong (since I am a locksmith, not a home inspector?). I explained to her that she did not even send me a picture of the damn key until after the inspection and that is still looks the same to me. I sent her a picture of my key and the next day again emailed her to ask if there was a problem with my key or the agents??? and she did not even respond. Now two trips to Lowe’s (locks $65.19), two to the locksmith ($75.96), two inspections ($180.00), two hours downloading pictures and scanning paperwork and faxing invoices (my dime). Now they are telling me they aren’t going to pay.
They have a defective system and want me to pay for it. They don’t want to spend the money up front and send the correct keys and locks. I told Danielle I wanted to speak to her manager and she said she was the manager. I then told her I wanted to speak to someone above her. She said that would be James Alexander. I said to send me to him. She put me on hold and never sent me. I called back and left him a voice mail and sent him an email. That was two days ago. No call or response. I did tell Danielle when I was on the phone with her that I was going to report her to the BBB, HUD, and that I was a member of InterNACHI and would warn its 10,000 members+ of their defective/fraudulent system. I also informend her my attorney wife will not let this slide.
In short, I told them I would do the inspections for them. I commited to them, I performed them, and now they want me to bend over because of their incompetence and defective system.


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Morgan, Sounds like fraud and deception? Is there not federal oversight still occurring in LA since Katrina/Rita? Possibly a letter to the Federal agencies would be in order??