warranties or guarantees

A potential client was asking about warranties or guarantees. What would be a response i can give

Might want to sign up with the buy back guarantee and offer that.

Talking points in www.nachi.org/buy-faq.htm

Some of your competition is probably offering 90 day warrantees. apparently the general public doesn’t understand the fine print because there is very little coverage. For example, I had a past client call with a stool disconnected inside wall. The client called me to come back and look at it. no way anyone could know it wasn’t functional until it started leaking inside the wall. The warranty would not cover and drywall removal or replacement or any clean up. The covered the plumbing repair only with a $75 service charge/ deductible. The plumbing came out prior to drywall removal and charged $75 to tell him to make the plumbing accessible and to call him back when it was (for an additional $75 bucks).

needless to say, he did not call the plumber back.

Tell them to watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64binhndzpE&feature=youtu.be

Dominic, those 90, 100 etc. warrantees are useless. Even Nick has said many times before they are “worthless for the client, but good for the Inspectors marketing”.

In my opinion stay clear of those gimmicks and
Go with www.nachi.org/buy-faq.htm

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