I signed up with ISG services. I am using like 5 of their warranties. Ive had a couple of inspectors in my area say they are crap. Internachi has filed a lawsuit against them for selling customer info. I would like to know what some of you think about them and have you had any problems with them or there services?

Grab some popcorn

lmao !!! :smiley: :smiley:

Guess I dont understand the reply.

Just sit tight. It’s coming any second now. :slight_smile:

They’re free right? Isn’t free always a good thing?

It depends upon what the strings are.

Strings? You mean free comes with strings???

Like a spider web Chuck. Always strings attached to free.:mrgreen:

STD’s like Gonorrhea are also free aren’t they? :wink:

There are only like a dozen threads on this topic already.

Sometimes they come free but are bundled along with a paid service. :wink:

Uncensored here.

You must be new to the game. :twisted:

Do any true professionals give warranties for anything they do?

Doctors? Lawyers? Accountants? Engineers? Architects?

Notice these are not “trades”. They are professional careers that produce opinions and actions based on knowledge, just like a Home Inspector.

Let the agent with a $10k commission give away stuff.

Let the debate continue…

You found the bottom. It’s all uphill from here.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lmao :lol: the warranty thingy scam again!

Actually the concept and value of them appear to be catching on here in the DFW area. I just noted several instances of it.

  • A surgeon has been offering a 90 Day Appendix Surgery Warranty. He is guaranteeing that after your appendicitis surgery your appendix will not grow back for 90 days to cause you any problems.
  • An Attorney has been advertising a 90 Day Judgement Free Warranty. If after your final case hearing you have not been judged against he is guaranteeing for 90 days you won’t receive another judgement from that same plaintiff for the same issue.
  • An Accountant here is offering a 90 Day IRS Lien Free Warranty. For 90 days after he prepares your taxes he guarantees that the IRS will not place a tax lien on you for the unpaid taxes he is saving you!

It’s all the rage now these 90 Day Widget Warranties and other guarantees! :stuck_out_tongue:

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