Warranty / 11Th month inspection.

Do any of you offer this service? what makes it different from an standard inspection, and is the same report used?
Regards, Kevin


I generally do 2-3 per week, same report format as any other house.

I generally find a lack of insulation in the attic and screwed up roof coverings. Those are the two most common deficiencies here anyway.

Adding a page regarding warranty inspections to one of my websites brings in the phone calls.

Ditto Dale.

I find with these inspections you have to pay close attention to detail. List everthing you find.

Also, always ask your client for anything and everting that is wrong. They probably have a whole list and it is important to get everything in the report.

Ditto Dale and Bill.

This type of inspection is becoming more and more popular in this area. Particularly with homeowners who opted not to have an inspection when they purchased the home.

I like these inspections

I find a lot of building problems that we not seen, or known upon closing

I home owners are always very happy to read my report and find out whats the status as of today

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on this and would like to offer them. Do I just begin to offer and write the report as normal?

Another question I’ve thought about: Do any of you offer any warranty as well or do they just take the info to their builder/HOW company and have them repair the items?

Thanks in advance for your help

I do not offer a warranty. This is for them to take to their builder.