Was Obama present when this...

McCain is a liberal. You argue against liberalism in favor of McCain. Is this not a contradiction?

Wrong, I argue against liberalism in favor of conservatism.

Have I rally been that unclear?

When McCain takes a conservative position I agree with him.

When he takes a liberal position I disagree with him.

When he makes a smart move I am able to appreciate that. :smiley:

McCain is not a conservative.

Listen to Coulter defend conservatism, and listen to the interviewer trying to convince her that, since McCain is the party’s choice, she (a conservative) has a duty to promote him.

Do you agree with the conservative or the interviewer?

That’s easy because we believe in our side and we support the majority vote. McCain won the nomination so instead of riding the fence we unite and support him no matter what. We can work with him, now can’t we?

Come on Jim do have loyalty anywhere in your life.? Are going to stay home on election day with David Valley with your lower lip hung out or are you going to choose the right side and work with the best man/woman for the job?

If Obama wins then I will work with him and do my part as a USA citizen to continue making us the best of all.:wink: What will you do if your side looses, sit around with your lower lip hung out putting down your leader like Mr. Elliott does? Or are you going to work and make the best of it?

Bob E:

Sounds like a verse from a Jim Croce song.

I think this is the point, and you dont seem to get it.

A President needs to appeal to the masses. Therefore the masses need to understand what he is all about. To say that his reverend was not racist is like saying that Popeye is not a cartoon sailor. Let’s stop kidding a kidder.

The statement that “no outsider will” caters to the worst recollections of corrupt Chicago politics of the 20th century.

Be proud of your political heritage, Bob. It’s as deep and wide as a mighty river.

Can anyone say Daly?

Oh, I forgot. I’m an outsider…

I will either vote McCain or not vote at all. That is up to McCain! If you are a fellow conservative republican then there is no way on this earth you would vote socialist! C’mon Jim! You would stay home and at worst let the chips fall where they may. I have said many times I don’t agree with some of McCain’s stands on things, one which was illegal immigration. But I agree with him on more subjects than I disagree. Obama I have yet to find one, but make no mistake he wants a socialist society. He flat makes me nervous! However, if he gets the nod then so be it! But please “my fellow conservative republican” that is like Michael leading “my fellow liberal Democrats”

Old news Jim.

Hillary is gone.

BTW- Ann Coulter’s shtick is to be controversial and sell millions of books.

I am a conservative. Do you need to hear it again?

added: McCain has not earned my vote yet.

Obama was never in the running for it.

I think that the Republican party can benefit from a kick in the nads and four years of “quiet time” so they can return to the base that they have abandoned in favor of a liberal candidate.

The country survived (actually, economically thrived) under 8 years of Bill Clinton. We can get through an Obama administration.

We can regain both houses in 2010 and regain the White House in 2012…with a real conservative candidate.

Otherwise, you will be facing a liberal McCain reelection with a Democratic congress.

I’m giving the Party the wake-up call it needs. Many others are doing the same.

It will be easier to “work” with McCain than with Obama especially if the Democrats have a super majority.

That is not meant as an endorsement of McCain;-)

You are handing the other party the keys to our destruction.:frowning:

That is the part I don’t get! A conservative Republican would stay home at worst before they ever voted Socialist! They would look at McCain and say I believe in a couple of his conservative ideas but he is not the one. Then they would look at Obama and say I don’t agree with anything this guy has to say! Then they would make the decision to stay home or vote for McCain. Its that simple! If they get a kick in the nads as you say Jim then so be it but it should not be because a Conservative Republican voted for a socialist! There simply is no and can be no logic to that!
My problem is not you voting for a socialist its that you are claiming to be a conservative republican!:frowning: Maybe I am wrong but there just is no logic to that idea.

Yep, and even that may be short sighted IMHO but somewhat more understandable.

We all need to think strategically.

Jim seems to have decided the enemy is more worthy of support and is desperately trying to convince himself and others that he is making the right choice.:roll:

To support a socialist who has dangerous ideas and friends, at a time like this, just because your ego is bruised because your choice did not win the primary, is perverted. To those who will assasinate someones character, just to make a point, have only commited moral suicide.

What Ken said!!! http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/10/10_1_9.gif Darn it!