Was this a freudian slip?

Or something more scary?

Keep in mind there ARE 57 states in the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) http://www.oic-un.org/ Their Slogan: “In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful” Did Obama forget where he’s actually been?

Second, Is this video below evidence that Obama’s past is fabricated? Is Obama being “taught” what to say about his past… but he flubs it up??

Oh please
Can we get back toPalin being a pot smoker, and signing the very pork barrel projects McCains Lobbiest staff claims he hates.

Gee Bob, I thought the president signed appropriations bills.

Maybe I’m wrong. Please let me know. I really do want to get it right.


I’m kinda’ partial to the (remix) myself :mrgreen: … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMo0WlSvrIY


No](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D36OHolrdOg&feature=related/quote) slip on either one, he was referring to the Islamic Organization, and his uncle was probably a Russian, if he liberated Auszwitch. So I go with something more scary. remember, Muslims are allowed to lie, to overcome their enemies and Allah will not hold it against them.

Can we please ignore this type of rumor.

Their factual basis is seriously in question.

With so much verifiable ammo out there, there is no need to post suspect stuff. :frowning:

You go Michael! Lets roll with the facts. How can anything on You Tube be taken seriously.

Michelle Obama (Bitch 2) is proud for the first time in her life.

Isn’t that wonderful?

So she hasn’t been proud for the last 26 years?

Where the hell has she been?

If you don’t consider an “American Citizen” (who wants to be president) stating he’s been to 57 states, AND ONE MORE TO GO (but not including Alaska or Hawaii) not verifiable ammo (suspect), I don’t know what is. :roll:

Like I said, isn’t it ironic that there are 57 states in the OIC…

My bad, I heard and saw Obama on tape talking about a heroic uncle storming in to free auschwitz… Never mind the fact he’s never even had an uncle in the US military, period, is pretty scary to me.

Again, is he being coached? and by who? Maybe you don’t want to know.

Also, a fact in history. The Russians “liberated” Auschwitz, which was in Poland, not the U.S.

Hope this helps;

No rumor, he was filmed saying it.

And that’s ALL it is, an ironic coincidence.

Beating him for the 57 state stupidity is just fine and fair game.

To add to that someone’s fanciful tale is the same as claiming 9-11 was an inside job and that no plane crashed into the Pentagon. Get real. Stick to the facts. There are so many that haven’t even been explored yet.

Let the Democrats play the silly game. We don’t have to.

Hawaii (last state entered into the union) statehood date 1959.
Obama born 1961. His entire life we have had 50 states, that isn’t misspeaking! I can chalk up him saying 48, or even 52 as a tired blunder,… but not 57, and “one more left to visit - Not counting Alaska or Hawaii” as he further stated,… No matter how tired I was, I would know even 53, 54, 55, 56 was way too many. :mrgreen: BUT HE SAID 57 LOL,… He with a momentary laps of time and place, had confused his true allegiance with the 57 of the OIC. SCARY! PERIOD! :shock:

Was this a freudian slip?9/3/08 4:13 PMI thought better of you. So much for that.

Lets not get crazy over politics guys. I don’t care if you give me reds for my posts, especially on politics. But lets not take political bantering on here personal. Thats what makes us “guys” Givin your buddies some sh!t. Sooooooo who ever felt the need to leave that, I forgive you. Please forgive me. :smiley: Nuff said. Was that you Stephen??? :mrgreen:


You’re way of the mark when there is no need to make it up.

:shock: HUH!? :shock: I’m way off the mark??? Obama said it!!! He was way off the mark! :roll:

Found this explanation
"OK, OK, Ok… I got it… follow the math here…
He said “57 states with one left to go to, Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go to.” So we have 60 states. (57 + 1 left is 58 + Alaska and Hawaii makes 60)
So below are the other states that Obama has been to;
The 50 States minus one and Hawaii and Alaska plus;

  1. The State of Denial
  2. The State of Inebriation
  3. The State of Cocaine Intoxication
  4. The State of Insanity
  5. The State of Depravity
  6. The State of Utter Incompetence
  7. The State of Complete Inexperience
  8. The State of Political Celebrity
  9. The State of Economic Ignorance
  10. The State of Lacking a Realistic Foreign Policy Platform
    So that’s 60.
    Soon to be visiting the States of Political Irrelevance, The Dustbin of History and almost certainly (given his pastors preaching) he has never been in a State of Grace."

Better Michael? :mrgreen:

I have told you before its not about the 57 states thing.
I posted it many days ago.

It’s your tying that number to some other meaning that is totally unfounded and unsupported.

Agreeeeeed. But I’m an inspector, there is a reason for everything, I have a deep urning to find out why something is. (WHY DID HE SAY 57???)

Maybe it wasn’t the 57 states of the OIC. :roll:

Maybe he put hintz 57 sauce on his steak right before the interview. :mrgreen:

Then recommend further evaluation as needed.:wink: