Washer Drain Pipe

Hey Guys.
I was asked a question today, on a second floor building that has been converted to 3 different offices, the filing system is where the old washer was (converted hall closet 90 y/o building). The pipes are still there and not going to be used.

The question was if it should be capped if not in use.

IMO, I think it should be to prevent sewer gases from getting in if the traps dry out, which it more than likely is. But before I gave any advice I thought I would throw it out there to you guys.

Most definitely the pipes should be capped. The traps will dry out in no time and sewer gas will start leaking into the room.

Absolutely. If not, they will fill the closet with stuff, the building will stink and they won’t know where it’s coming from.

cap for sure

As a contractor soon to transition to inspecting I agree with capping any and all open drain lines. I’ve worked in homes recently partially remodeled and found unused drains stuffed with fiberglass insulation. Told homeowner and included capping it in my different work, charged only for the part. Cost a wopping $1.35. Worst I ever came across was an old toile drain stuffed with bread bags. Homeowner couldn’t understand why recent bathroom reno stunk all the time.

Thanks guys. I thought so too and if they ever did convert it back all they have to do is cut the top off.