Washer Secondary Drain

Ran across an unusual situation I thought I would kick around here.

Second floor closes washer which has a trapped primary drain to the DWV system with an air gap (okay so far), and a secondary overflow pan below the washer with a trapped pipe to the exterior just above a gutter … hmmmm.

It just rubs me the wrong way … I guess it could be a potential freezing problem, and there would be discharge of waste wash water into a rain drainage system … even though it’s only a secondary drain. Seems like it should have the secondary drain to the DWV also, or at least a float switch in the pan to lock out power to the washer if there is an overflow (instead of the drain to daylight). But I don’t see this situation addressed in any references, model codes (e.g. IRC), or local codes.

Any thoughts?

I have seen the second story laundry secondary pans tied into the Primary drain line here in Phoenix. I have also seen no pans, and I always point out the lack of a pan on a second floor.

Thats what I expected too … which is why I did a double take. Can’t find anything prohibiting the secondary drain to daylight (which is allowed for a HAVC unit).

It would only drain if there was a problem, and it is just gray water.

I don’t think the intent is for graywater drainage, however, even if it were, graywater systems are not required to tie into the DWV system. I would think that a “conspicuous” location would be warranted, which is typically what I find in new construction.

But into a roof gutter? Sounds like a shortcut to me. . .

Duh, what was I thinking, gray water, like it would only break during a wash.:oops:

Go easy on yourself Brian. . . :smiley:

Jeff … in my neck of the woods waste from both toilets and all other fixtures (i.e. greywater) is required to be directed to the DWV system and discharge to a septic disposal system, as we are on an IRC based codes. This includes clothes washer waste water, which must be connect to the DWV system through an air gap ( IRC P2718 ).

The only reason I wouldn’t red flag the install is it’s a secondary emergency pan for the clothes washer water. I think it’s just wrong, but the situation doesn’t appear to be covered by model codes … other than the code requirement for all waste water (including that from a clothes washing machine) to be directed to the septic system.