Washington application

So I sent in my application and log of inspections last week. Today I received back my approval to take the test. I am listed as Candidate # 221.

So $300 to take the NHIE/State test. Once the test is completed and passed, the results along with a check for …holy crappola… $680.00 for an initial 2 year license are sent to the state and a license is issued.

It will be interesting to see how many apply.

Test sites are in Everett, Olympia, Spokane, Federal Way, Vancouver, Wenatchee, and Yakima.

So what say you Washington inspectors. What is your Candidate ID # ?


I will be filling out my application with in the next few weeks. Good luck on the test.


My candidate number is 69STNUYAAB. (Shove the NHIE up your a s s and bounce)

Inspectors wanted licensing. You guys got what you wanted, what ASHI wanted, what lawmakers wanted, what agents wanted. You did not fight. You now have to live with it. Licensing will make the home inspection field level. You will have to play by their rules; not yours, and pay money to play. Welcome: you are now working for your state governments; not yourselves.

I’m not working for anyone come July 2010.

Candidate # 208, took exams today, passed, sent paperwork off a bit ago, quick evaporation of $1k


[quote=“kpierce, post:3, topic:38719”]

My candidate number is 69STNUYAAB.

KEVIN, tell us how you really feel!!

I’ll be sending in the paper work and taking the exam within the next few weeks.

I took and passed the NHIE in 2004. I have asked the DOL rep if I have to take it again and have not gotten a repsonce. Anyone else in this situation. Resolution?

Come on, be a sport, what’s a few bucks between friends. All the licensing guys are counting on your financial contribution to keep their little “club boat” afloat!! Be a team player!!

Rermember the mantra:


CONGRATULATIONS EMPLOYEE #208!!! Don’t forget to remit those yearly dues!!

Do you honestly think the NHIE vendor is going to let $300 bucks slip out of their hand, after all the work they went to be the anoited one? Fat Chance.

You wanted licensing, you are just now getting your just deserves. Pony up that money, support the team, you’re all in this together, it’s time to pay the piper!!

Everytime a would-be inspector drops out of the race…a licensing proponent gets his wings.

Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. And, now current inspectors are griping about the costs, Protectionism does not come about with out a price.

Some will just get out of the business, this is just the beginning of government control over your business, the best is yet to come. The cost for new entrants into the business, is out of question for many, with required 120 hours class time, and license fees, etc, you’re over $4,000, just for starters.

So, the REAL intent of this law, to LIMIT competition and new entrants has come to frutation.

I will have to congratulate ASHI and their willing lemings, you WIN, many of us lose. Think many will not be willing to participate in this “Pay to Play” shakedown.

You betcha!

Yep, $3500 for the class, $300 for the test, $680 for the license and gas a lodging for 4 weeks. I’d be looking at about $8500. Instead, I’m going to low ball the sh!t out of my competition. The peanuts I’ll gain will be my beer money.

Go for it Kevin! Any house, anywhere, any time, any size, $69.99! It would also be worth it to do them for free, just to stick it to the licensing wonks!

Price war! I will beat any competotors price by 50%!

Newbees, I will pay you to inspect your house, just for the experience. That Will screw the guys out of an inspection, and their drive along mentoring money!!!


Come on, give up that family trip to Disney World, Bellingham is a destination must see. I’ll bet they even have one of those horses the kids can ride for a quater at the local market.

You’re INVESTING in your future!

It may return more than your 401K!!

I wish all of you were in Kansas. It is amazing how all of these states in America have implemented licensing, and with similar languages. States are spending millions for inspection licensing, and for what?

Post your soc security number here, and then maybe I will post my candidate number… :slight_smile:

Anyway I wonder if they really started at #1, or if they started at 100 or even 200? My candidate number is also in the lower 200 range and I will be taking the test soon.

Good luck on your test Stephan