Washington approved InterNACHI's FREE online Radon Measurement course.

Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Board approved InterNACHI’s free, online Radon Measurement Service Provider course.

And it is a good one, too.

Glad to see that.

The problem with that is that the only places in the state where radon is found at levels of concern is Spokane and Vancouver.


Mike O’Handley, LHI
Your Inspector LLC.
Kenmore, Washington
Wa. Lic. Home Inspector #202

The state just had an extremely high reading at a home in Olympia. It could be another service to start offering.

Link Here.

A very serious level was found in Federal Way as well.

Nah, if it was in Federal Way, that would be a meth spill or grow op. :shock:


Do you have any information on those Fed Way results? That is the first I have heard about that area having high test results.

EPAs Radon map for WA