Washington DC

Hey guys, I’ll be in DC all next week. If any local people want to get together for lunch or any other time during the day, post write here or PM me. Lunch will be on me.
Disclaimer: I will have my future apprentice with me, who isn’t quite yet walking.

If you travel about 3 hours south, Troy and I will happily let you buy lunch!

I’ll make you a deal. I will pay for your gas round trip and pay you guys lunch if you and Troy travel about 3 hours North :wink:

3 hours north will get us to the start of 2 hours of DC traffic :slight_smile:

I wish I had the time to come up and see you. Next week looks like a busy one already.

Will, have a great trip and congrats on the apprentice my buddy.

Thanks Joe! :slight_smile:

I thought you had your helper for that… :wink: