Washington Inspector sells all

Mark McKelvey had a rather painful to-do list last week that had nothing to do with the holidays – selling off his equipment and closing up his home-inspection business.
It came down to percentages. As local home sales began to falter, then stall, and finally nosedive, McKelvey’s cash flow followed suit. During this quarter, McKelvey figured he’ll only make a third as much money as in the same quarter a year ago.
McKelvey is not the only Washington home inspector succumbing to slowing demand. The state’s overall real estate sector, including inspectors, has shed 1,300 jobs since August, state Employment Security records show. And while the state doesn’t track home inspectors specifically, their major trade association says their numbers nationally have shrunk by at least 25 percent since the market peak of a few years ago.
“It’s really all gone in the crapper,” McKelvey said.

It is not only in Washington. Inspectors who have been in the business less than 3-5 years are the ones that we will see closing the doors. We had so so many people entering into the inspection profession over the past few years it is only natural for them to be the first to close their doors. Those that have been around for awhile have more of an established referral list and many have also diversified into additional inspection services.

Strange. My business is up 25% over the same 4th quarter last year. I get quite a few inspections in this guy’s backyard and I travel about 40 miles to get there. Based on his Pest Inspectors license number, he has been around for about 5-6 years. He is not a member of NACHI, ASHI, IHINA, WSPCA or any other organization I can find in this state.

While the rest of the country was hurting, the Puget Sound area did not have an adjustment (a minor blip) until just recently. Except for the usual holiday slowdown, things are still plugging along. I guess it depends on marketing.

You’re NACHI…he’s not.

I think he was an ASHI member , To bad he might have done better with help he might have got from the NACHI BB.
It is so unfortunate to see all this training and effort being not used in this industry

This business is unpredictable to say the least. The last 40 days have been my busiest of the year. Starting the day before Thanksgiving. Go figure. :shock:

As predicted…it is the market…not the legislators…determining who will do business in your state.

I hit a slow pocket in late Summer that had me thinking about moving to Colorado and working for my uncle’s fish farm. I went almost 3 weeks without my phone ringing I believe in August. I had Horizon test my phone for problems. :mad: