Washington License hint

For those of you that meet the “grandfather” requirements and have not applied for your license here is a hint to keep from delaying your application.

The form to fill out with your information and list of 100 inspections can be located HERE. PDF file.

While the dates of your inspections may very well show that you were in business for at least 2 years prior to June 12, 2008, they want proof that your business actually existed. (and paid B&O taxes if necessary) The easiest way to do this is at THIS SITE. It shows the date your business was registered with the State. I got mine back in 3 days. Others have waited weeks or not received the testing paperwork back for not including something that shows their business date.

Good luck everyone.

Thanks Stephen!

They dont really explain how to prove you have been in business for that two years. Called Rhonda and she had me just send proof i had been licensed as a pest inspector in Wa. during that period Got my letter to take the test in about two days. Kinda suprised me that the pest license was proper proof…still dragging my feet on taking the test… anyone got any input on the test itself

also a hint for those with employees that are trying to show proof of being an inspector for your company, I used an Unemployment payment form I send to the State with their SS # on it, worked to get past the 2 year requirement