Washington State Home Inspector Education

Rhonda Meyers, State of Washington home inspector licensing manager, has announced that the Fundamentals of Home Inspection course offered by Bellingham Technical College has received conditional approval from the state. That means this course will be accepted by, and will meet, the state’s requirements for 120 classroom hours of approved education. The course will, also, include a final (fourth) week which allows students to meet the field training requirements of the law. The first scheduled four week class will begin May 18, 2009. You can visit the BTC website for more information.


Will the State be approving educational classes taught by any non-Licensing Board members, Steven, or do you win the big prize?


So far no private firms or schools have put anything together. ITA left the state. You ought to come up here and submit a course. Anyone who wants to put in the effort, public school or private, is more than welcome to apply. Personally, I think it would be great if there was an approved course near Vancouver, WA, another in King County and one in Spokane, along with the one in Bellingham. That would be ideal and I think DOL feels that way to.

It is rather apparent that, unless someone submits a course one will not be approved. I did lots of work, through BTC, to meet the guidelines. It is early in the process so maybe some other school, or private parties, will go to the effort. It is not like these approved courses will drop from the sky, somebody other than BTC, a state college, will have to apply if they want an approved course and the application takes a full curriculum.