Watch How InterNACHI Designs Inspector Logos from Scratch

Watch this short video on how InterNACHI’s Marketing Team designs business logos from scratch. All of the design services are free for InterNACHI members.



Awesome! The design team designed my logo a few months back. They do some very impressive work, everyone to include myself love it. Can’t really beat the deal either, I purchased 1000 business cards which included the logo design. What a service available to members. Anywhere else I would’ve been charged hundreds if not thousands for my logo.

This video really shows how much work goes into a really professional-looking logo. Don’t try this at home!

Very true. Quite a process. I really need to get mine done.

I tried mine at home and… failed :neutral:…defiantly leave it to the PROS!

Very cool! I LOVE my logo and it was in the tail end of the video!! They’re working on my brochure and have just seen the first proof. Very, very professional and you CANNOT beat the price. I am very impressed and excited to get them in my hands!

Thanks guys! Here are the images of the logo.