Watch! "Infrared Cameras and Adding Thermal Imaging to Your Home Inspections" Webinar with Bill Fabian

Watch Ben Gromicko and Bill Fabian as they discuss some of the latest infrared cameras on the market today. They’ll demonstrate their resolution and thermal sensitivity, and how to use WiFi to transfer images to your phone or tablet so you can integrate them into your home inspection report. We’ll also see how some successful home inspection companies around the country are generating more income using infrared cameras. For more webinars please visit Webinars - InterNACHI®


We had 230 inspectors register for this popular webinar about infrared. And Bill Fabian breaks it down into very easy-to-understand terms. He’s one of the best. Thanks, Bill.

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Does this qualify for CE Credits? :wink:

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great video

IMO, if you are listening to the NACHI intro music, you should be racking up CE :man_shrugging: