Watch Nick. He told me to make it as cheesy as possible...

I think I succeeded. It’s only one minute 15 seconds long.
Watch it HERE.

He doesn’t even blink!

Good job, Val.

Why is his face so red?

He was embarrassed because he wasn’t wearing any pants…

Oh my. you have achieved cheesy. “Cause I can’t do this all day” It’s the Sham Wow Guy. :smiley: You have to love it and the book isn’t bad either!
Thanks Val- You made my day!

Always an interesting day at NACHI.TV studio when Nick is on set…

I don’t think he even took a breath for 1:15 minutes :wink:

Too much cheese!

Thank you so much, ladies.
Nick is something to behold.
Back in my British military days, I’d take a bullet for him, but today I’m of a gentler disposition, and suggested we should have pet names for each other. I’d call him “Fluffy,” and he’d call me “Special K,” but he never replied.- oh well :slight_smile:

Book order form:

Better link:

Nice video Valerie & Nick!

( or is that a terrible vision problem and I have just made fun of it? :shock::mrgreen:)

It sold me, I just placed my order - Thanks Nick!

Comes with a ShamWow.
I was hoping to see Nick do his best crazy used car salesman impression. Maybe next time …

very nice

Kansas Home Inspectors board will be shaking in their shorts!!!???

Keith that is too much information

OMG! Nicks face looked as if his underwear were too tight! But because he was man enough to do the sales pitch on NACHI TV I give him an A+. Great job all!:cool:

“…those Brits write English good…”

Too funny! :slight_smile:

I’ll take two, if you’re throwing in the ShamWow! Super good deal, Nick!