Watch the new NACHI.TV episode: Drain and Duct Inspections. Learn for free.

How many employees do you have, I don’t see how you get so much done!

Lots of volunteers.

Great episode, Thanks Hank and crew!

That was good Nick, and Hank, nice job.

Very familiar with those tools. The last one I hired out had a little truck to pull the cable like you mentioned. Real neat equipment.

Another good shoe as Ed Sullivan would say. ha. ha.

Marcel :smiley: :cool:

Nice job Hank and crew.

That brought back some memories Marcel. :smiley:

Well done everyone.

Very cool Hank.!

Hank was really friendly and professional. The dude knows so much.

What I really liked about doing that show was an InterNACHI member came to NACHI.TV with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge with other members.

Had you fooled. I just wanted a reason to come and see the INACHI Ladies.


Why am I not suprised?.. keep up the good work…:slight_smile:

You’re giving away your age there grandpa, do you remember Amos and Andy? The Bubbleman? Howdy Doody? Of course I don’t, my grand father told me about them. :smiley: