Watch the new show on inspector marketing with attorney Joe Ferry and Ken Compton.


Joe Ferry offering marketing advice for home inspections?-------:-k



No. Joe did the interview for me as I was shooting another show on location. Great show BTW.

Kidding Nick…I did not watch the show, but if Ken Compton is the one giving the advise, then selling his wares, I do not need to see the show—:smiley:

30 minutes great marketing advice for free.
2 minutes pitch at the end.

That’s much better than a Jay Leno interview that pitches some actor or actresses new movie release.

I’m in Atlanta right now where Ken spoke at our event. I met 5 of his clients and all swear by Ken’s advice.

Do me a favor Dale. Watch the show first. Then report back here as to whether or not you gained something of valuable from it. I did.

I gain information from everything I watch Nick, because nobody says the exact same thing as another individual.

And also, some of our members want the product or service that our guests offer. I’m siting 3 feet from Gary Sloan right now and he’s a big Ken Compton fan.