Watch the show with Infraspection.


Glad you had Jim out to visit. Nice show!

I’ve had the distinct pleasure in speaking with Jim Seffrin about thermography on several occasions. I have also taken an Infraspection course (Level I).

I can say that Jim is very helpful and a true professional. The Infraspection courses are top notch, and I would highly recommend them to any inspector wanting to learn about thermography.


I learned a lot about thermal imaging just interviewing him.


How about getting them to do a Thermal Imaging Inspection, just like the straw house.

I think it is good to see how other people do their inspections.

Lawrence Olsen
Universal Inspections

It’s in the works. We have over 150 ideas for shows, hence the new studio:

Sounds great.

Can’t wait



Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this episode of NACHI TV.

It was a pleasure working with you and your team both during and after the shoot.

We look forward to working with you on future episodes and to helping NACHI members with any questions or needs that they may have.

Very truly yours,

Jim Seffrin, Director
Infraspection Institute

Mr Jim what does your institute offer in the way of level 11 training

Nice show.

Thanks, guys.

I’m looking forward to additional shows that focus more on an actual Thermal imaging tour of a home with excessive defects.

Nick, that was a very informative presentation with Jim Seffrin. Also the new opening look of Nachi Tv, looks great. Looking forward on seeing more shows about Thermal Imaging, and Energy Auditing.