Watch this new video ad concept:

Custom-branded. $49.99.


I don’t think the wording is correct. It states, “I’ve completed at least 1000 free paid inspections and hours of training.” What is a “free paid inspection”? I have played it a dozen times and I swear that is what it says.

That is not correct. The “and” between inspections and hours of training makes it two separate items, 1000 free paid inspections and hours of training. The CMI minimal requirements are for 1000 “points” as it were. Either an inspection or an hour of training per point. This makes it sound like there is a minimum of 1000 inspections and only a couple hours of training. It needs clarification.

You are right Steve. That’s exactly what it says. Both of those Huge mistakes (Free_And) are misleading and should be corrected.

Fee-Paid Inspections

I figured that is what it is supposed to say but I have had 3 people listen and they all hear free paid.

I played that part a half dozen times and it sounds like

to me also. Then again, who would pay as much attention as an inspector. Well maybe a competing organization would use that to make us look stupid?

I’ll correct the voice-over now so it can’t be mistaken. Thanks for the feedback guys!

And the wording on the 1000 inspections and hours of training? That needs to be reworded as well.


Because the way it is worded, it leads the person watching the video to assume they have performed 1000 inspections and that is not necessarily the case.

But you won’t do that because it is just another smoke and mirrors gambit.

A combination of 1000 inspections and hours of training. :slight_smile:

But the ad copy doesn’t say “combination”. Those familiar with cmi are aware of the combination. The public that this is designed to convince, is not aware of the combination. So when they listen to, “I’ve completed at least 1000 free paid inspections and hours of training.” they hear, “I’ve completed at least 1000 free paid inspections” first and then they hear “and hours of training.” They could even think it is 1000 inspections and 1000 hours of training. It is deceptive to the general public.

Yeah, but imagine how many $49.99 “video ads” it will help sell…

I was making an edit suggestion

All good thoughts

I heard “free” too.

He may say “fee” but he says it so fast, it sounds like “free”