Watch this short, funny commercial and get a free $1,000.00 machine.

Okay… The “Machine” is free… how about;

  1. Start up fees?

  2. Monthly fees?

  3. “Membership” fees?

  4. So called “Processing” fees?#-o

  5. “Percentages” taken out of YOUR payments received?

  6. Can you link to your website so that your clients can pay on line?

Huh! Huh! Huh!:shock: … Inquiring minds want to know!!! \:D/ :mwa-hah: \:D/

Frank…all of that information is on the application form referenced on their website. In general, at least for my level of credit card business of $1000 to $2500 per month, I would be paying around 5.5% or as much as $140/month. This “Gillette” method of providing the ‘free machine’ is not the most expensive nor inexpensive credit card method out there but some folks will like the Wow factor of the wireless model and be willing to pay for that cool feature. I just hope folks take the time to run the numbers and really understand this is not free…it wasn’t the first 5-6 times this offer was marketed to HI’s and it’s not free now either.

The numbers look good to me. I haven’t seen anything that beats it. Plus I like the wireless feature for inspectors in particular.

Thanks for all of the good information.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have always heard that if “It Sounds to Good to be True” then… it usually is!:wink:

I did not think the commercial was funny. Was it just me?
Sorry Nick, you might want to hold off on hitting the comedy circuit.:smiley:

Nick’s Moe haircut is kinda amusing. :wink: