Watch those NOA's

Agent sent in NOA for these roll down shutters. States that it is under Chapter 8 of the Code of Miami-Dade County. Upon further reading, I came to find out that it is not impact rated.

You wasted your time reading to the end. It states the same thing on page 2. Just because something has a Miami dade approval does not mean it tis impact rated.

Thanks for sharing Cory. Although this may be an outlier for a MDCA product, it does drive home the fact that you must read the NOA or FL approval for impact rating compliance. Not all MDCA products are impact rated. If rated, the NOA would state that on the first page.

Good catch and good advice from Brad.

“sun shade”…boy, nothing gets past you guys. LMAO!

Wrong yet again. NOA’s do not confirm “compliance” with the Florida Building Code, pick a newer one and read the first sentence. NOA’s merely list that the product is “accepted”, it must be approved by the “building official” as a prerequisite to compliance with the building code.

Want to save yourself some time? The slats on an impact rated units are fixed into the tracks, if you can push on the slats and nothing retains them in the tracks they are not impact rated units. Quick and simple…