Watch "Why real estate agents need to recommend home inspections" video: U.S. version

Real estate agents need to stay out of the inspection biz and recommendation of such altogether !!!

The public needs to find there own inspectors and eliminate any possibility of shenanigans on the agents part. In fact no one with a any financial interest with the outcome of the home inspection should be allowed to recommend any inspector . The NAR should to what they do, opening doors for people etc… and stay far away from the inspection process. As soon as this becomes a federal law it will help the public in many ways.


Real estate agents want full control of the real estate transaction, including the recommendations of home inspectors that THEY want the buyer to use. An example is to just look at Texas, where the real estate association runs the home inspection laws and industry there.

HI laws are wanted, and pushed, buy the agents, brokers, and REA corporations so they can promote state licensing laws, which all are basic and have minimalist rules and regulations. This results in basic, say-almost-nothing reports that will not alarm the home buyer into walking away from the transaction. If the buyer walks, the agents, mortgage lenders, title companies, insurance providers, closing secretaries and under-writers, all lose their cut of the commissions.

Real estate agents will continue to use cheap, new, under-educated home inspectors, so they will not lose the chance of making money. Kansas saw this, and got the HI laws out. Until real estate agents start venting HI’s and trades persons of all types to represent their offices, require high experience, education, years of business operation, certified master inspector, etc., they will continue to open themselves up to thousands of lawsuits and millions spent on litigation.

Their time is very limited anyway, with most transactions and sales happening on the internet. By them using poor qualified individuals, even fellow real estate agents, to do home inspections and home repairs, the industry of the real estate agent will be over.

Glad to see other inspectors saying it. Last time I asked why the inspection groups don’t lobby to control the inspection process instead of the realtors, I got attacked by inspectors saying how dumb I was. I’ve never seen an industry where the better you are at your job, the less you work.

John, trust me we are not alone, there are many more than you realize that think the same. Heck most with any sense and foresight into the future and longevity of the profession see it this way. It is mainly those vendors, and some associations that think sucking realtor butts is the only way to make it. In reality they are harming the industry and doing a major disservice to the public as a whole.

Public Awareness is what is needed, Not kissing realtor butt !!! I started a public awareness effort on my own about 3 years ago. I was laughed at then. Now my state has started in the largest and wealthiest county to make it mandatory to have a radon test performed even the local realtor associations fought it, they lost with the help of the public and now it is law, and is growing.

The sooner the Feds make it illegal for Realtors to be involved with the inspection process the sooner we the inspectors can do what we do INSPECT and let the realtors do what they do., Unlock doors…