Watch your feet

Urinal or funnel?





I vote for funnel to catch gall bladder stones;-)

Rules out sandals during inspections.


Some things are just so obvious aren’t they?

I vote for the new and improved urine shoe shine polish guaranteed to make everyone around you squimmer.

I love all the putty on the underside! :slight_smile:

This had to have been taken at the 10buck2 bar and grill, this is used for the friday night drinking contest, the rules are what comes out goes back in (the bottle)… the happy our is all night buy your first and the rest are free.

Just out of curiosity do they have a floor drain. :shock:

There was a place like that from my college days.:mrgreen:

Wow, it looks like you had to get down on the floor to get that last pic. I’m not sure I would do that myself.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I bet that keeps the paw prints off the toilet