Water...And plenty of it.

I purchased my home back in 2001, and I was fully aware that it was built on a twenty year flood plain. Well, the damn flood finally hit us. It’s been raining here for a week now and Mother Nature is not through with us yet. We still have another week of rain on its way. Upcoming weather.

Today… the water finally crested most of the rivers in my area, and is now entering thousands of basements. This is no fun at all. My kids now have a natural swimming pool in the basement.

Here’s some pics…

My Driveway…
My wifes brand new office…
My belongings floating away…
My driveway (and basement) getting deeper by the minute…
Restaurant across the street…

Damn Dave I am sorry to see that. I hope it does not get much worse and I wish you all the best.

Take care


A few summers back in this area, we had 100 Year Storms with Flooding occuriing in the same Month.

So much for the Army Corps of Engineers mapping…

Wish you the Best… I Hope you had Flood Insurance?

My brother called me at 3AM one summer…Heavy rains flooded his basement… Years of belongings gone in seconds… Some could not be replaced… I could only get to Home Depot when they opened to rent a commercial level pump and get that going to move the huge amounts of water… I could see the anger, frustration, disgust in his eyes , he could do little else then wade in his basement lake and move what he could to higher spots. Later that week it happened again… Turns out the municipal sewer system had overloaded with a major road dumping heavy amounts of water into the sewer branch line in the neighborhood where his house was located…
End result his insurance covered a portion but he had to have a vault with pump / impeller system installed on his property to pressurize the main sewage connection from his house to the municipal drain system to avoid ever having that happen again. It was expensive but necessary.

Hope things work out for you Dave…:frowning:


Sorry to see this happen to you. Hope things turn around for the better soon.
Hopefully, the forecast will get better for you.

Take care.

Marcel :frowning: :slight_smile:

Yahoo News:
** Northeast Floods Spark States of Emergency**



Now the damn Merrimack river is in my backyard…

I’m thinking of getting the hell out of here. Notice (pic) that the rain will not stop.

David, I would consider evacuating now before you can’t get out of there. :frowning:

Please be careful and know that you all are in our prayers.

God bless,

My family went through the Ohio River flood back in 1997. We had 16 inches of water on the first floor of the house. Move your belongings upstairs/to higher ground and wait for the water to crest. It took 11 days for it to crest here. Hopefully it won’t take as long for you!

Your pictures bring back some not so fond memories. You will be in our prayers.


Thank you all for your hopes, but it just gets worse by the day. I lost every damn thing in my basement. Damages are in the 15 to 18,000 dollar range. I’m so damn depressed.

No… I don’t have Flood Insurance, as I’m not in a flood zone. Flood Insurance only covers structural defects anyways.

There’s no end to the rain here…Looks like two more days.

Todays pics…This is suppose to be my driveway.

This is what my driveway is suppose to look like…

Really feeling sorry for what has happened at your house.

I hope you and your family are alright and manage to deal with this disasterous circumstance.

Southern Maine has been hit pretty hard also, I just watched the news and it was very pretty situation.

Again, the best of luck in your unfortune event.

Marcel :frowning:


Sorry to hear about this. I was listening to the news stories all day today on the radio. Knowing you’re in Massachusetts, you were in my thoughts all day. I was hoping that you were not in the midst of all this. It appears my hopes were in vain. Having been through several floods in my youth, and wrestled from deep sleep in the wee hours of many mornings by my dad in order to fill sandbags to blockade our home, I feel your grief. Snow and ice and wind I can deal with, but water destroys especially flooding water. I hope you and your family pull through this and you don’t lose too many of your valuables and keepsakes.

Best regards to you and your family in these terrible times.

Dave - our thoughts and prayers are with you - there is a silver lining behind every cloud - keep your head up - tough times make great leaders - we need you. Take heart - you’ve already been an encouragement to me.

The Electric company is out front of my house right now with the Police.

I believe we’re being thrown out of our homes. (Evacuated).

I’ll update when I can.



I just saw this thread. You guys are getting hammered up there, aren’t you? Stay safe my friend, and good luck.

John B.

That is a sick feeling. My wife and I were at work the day we were evacuated. Our daughter called us and told us that the police were making everyone leave.

Hang in there Dave, we’re praying for you…


Sorry to hear this Dave…

Jeez! Just when I was getting really bummed out about a flat tire on my van! This sort of puts things in perspective.
When it comes time rebuild there are plenty of NACHI inspectors who would like to lend a hand. Keep us posted and good Luck Dave.

Oh geeze…this does put a sick feeling in my stomach. Dejavus all over again (pardon the spelling). I’m so sorry for what you are going through. Being homeless is awful. I pray that you will find somewhere safe and dry to go. I’m sure it’s safer as I am certain you were facing electricution issues most likely. Gosh how awful. Please be safe okay?

You are in my prayers.