Water coming out of these valves on whirlpool tub??

Did an inspection today on a 8 year old house. Tested the whirlpool tub…Water was coming out of the two side valves that have normally in my experience been for adjusting the strength of the jets …Anybody ever run into this before? See photos

Did you check under the tub at connection points to see if it is leaking into the floor ?
There is a good chance it may be.

I went into the crawl space and checked under this area. …The subfloor was bone dry under the tub

Have you ever seen such a thing?

Those are air control valves. They do not adjust the strength of the jet but allow air to be added to the stream that makes it seem like the jets are stronger.

Many times these need to be changed as the tub ages. Not hard but brand specific.

Yes. I know…Have you ever tested a tub and had WATER coming out of these valves?

Yes. Valves were changed and issue was no more. Like any failed valve or faucet, recommend repair / replacement.

Some claim the numerous inspection photos I take and time spent investigating are useless fluff.
I went downstairs to the neighbors unit to look up at the drain and find the spa tub causing damage to the property.
What do you guys say ?

[ATTACH]spa tub leaking to unit below.jpg[/ATTACH]

spa tub leaking.jpg