Water filled ducting

When in the crawl the he heat supply and the return ducting was completely filled with water. So filled that they came unstrapped in areas and were laying on the ground. The crawl was completely dry. This house did have a heat pump installed but the house was winterized. Does anyone know what causes this? There is know way that be from a blocked condensation line. Or could it? The only other thing I can think of is someone dumping water down the registers cause they were pist the bank took their house back. Any feedback would be helpful
Tyler Tachell
To the T Home Inspections

Where geographically?

Seattle Washington

Was the water on to the house? If not, it may have been turned off after a line broke and flooded the interior.

That would explain the missing carpet and the sheetrock pulled off in the kitchen. The house was winterized so nothing was on. That definately makes sense. Thanks James
Tyler Tachell